We had a fun time creating a mask for the HBO Watchmen X Facebook AR Spark Mask Off competition. Here is our process in the creation of this mask.

Inspiration | Mood Boards

Here are our mood boards for the mask. We had the initial idea of having a "Clock" face mask. We broke the inspiration into 3 feelings. These styles were about technology, steampunk, and the current grittiness of the HBO Watchmen world.

Tech Integration

Tech Integration



HBO Watchmen

HBO Watchmen


Here are early drawing and comps. We started off with a "Clock" mask but then it evolved to a character/ story.




Name (Alias) : Synchronize

Affiliation : none

Morality : Ambiguous Mostly Good

Character : She is more of a watcher and tries to "copy" time. Synchronize would mimic or "sync" with her targets and try to change their fate.

Abilities|Tech: Advanced eye enhancements. Smart projector hood.

3D sculpt/Model


Technology or close up of mask parts

Rig | bones

Facebook AR spark integration

Here is a video showing the integration of the neck. We wanted it to feel like a 1-1 with the user and with AR Spark it was relatively simple to add the controls and to the neck of the model to rotate with the user.


We wanted the “aperture eyes” to work with the users eyes. If you squint, they squint. Also we added “emission” so the eyes glow as well.

The hood had 3 states. Down, Up with the Time and Sync animations UI, and the face copy. We also integrated the bones in the hood to match natural movements of the users head.

Here is how it looks like in Instagram. We will post a link once its approved from IG.

Watchmen Filter Entry for Contest

Check it out on your phone in instagram here.