Here are examples of 3D media that we have created for social outlets

Facebook and Snapchat Augmented Reality

Facebook took its 1.5 billion users and gave them AR (augmented reality) through their camera in their app. This gave us the ability to now market any product in 3D. There are so many uses we have with this technology for marketing. Here are examples of AR experiences we are working on.

Facebook Interactive 3D Post

Facebook Interactive 3D model posts are posts that allow companies to show their product in full 3D with the use of the file format GLB. 

Can be used to generate buzz or help sell product through post features.

Allows users to interact and review product

Enables analytics through Facebook pulls

Hardware turns for other media beats

Twitter/ Snapchat/IG Hardware Rotation

Very light weight video that shows a rotation of the product and its packaging.

Easy 1-1 product render

Helps users identify the product as well as packaging.

Easy to add to social campaigns or twitter feeds.