FUNKO POP Hi-Poly Models for Production and Print

Mango was tasked with sculpting Hi-Poly models that would be printed as toys for Funko’s Quake collection. Funko only provided a concept drawing of the sculpt. Mango was to find all relevant references and create sketches. From the sketches they were then tasked to create the model. Once the initial models were approved we then painted according to the reference and the concepts. These Hi-Poly models were all approved by Sean the creative director for accuracy and Funko aesthetics.

Funko Provided Concept


Game references


Loose concept Sketch


Hi-Poly Models




Hi-Poly to Re-topped and data prepped

Once we have a Hi-Poly approved from Funko we have to “Re-Top” and “Data-Prep” the model. Our goal is to usually take about a 4 million poly model and get it down to 4-10k. When data prepping we take a lot of care in making sure the model look as well as the “hi-Poly” version.

“Hi-Poly” model with about 4 Million Polys.

“Hi-Poly” model with about 4 Million Polys.

“Low-Poly” model with about 10,000 Polys.

“Low-Poly” model with about 10,000 Polys.

Social Media

Once the models are “re-topped” & “data-prepped,” we usually output them to be used for various social media campaigns. Facebook 3D Posts are a cool interactive way for customers to view the toys. We also output 360 spins of the model for simple videos for outlets like twitter and instagram.

This is an example of the 3D model in a Facebook interactive post.

This is an example of video that would be posted in Twitter or Instagram.

Extension of brand & digital collection

Once item is retooled and data prepped it can also extend to other brand extending outlets. It can also be used as digital collection item. These items include in app purchased and or stickers or message avatars.


Quick Analytics

Collection App: Quidd

Release Date: April 2018

Estimate items Sold: 14,000