Introduction to Mango Motion Design

Many thanks for checking out Mango Motion Design. We are a motion design firm that specializes in product renders, architecture, and full motion video. 


What have we done

Our company has had a history with video games and the video game field. One of our big success is working with Microsoft on the initial Xbox Elite Controller. Our involvement included putting together renders and marketing assets for the controller. We also created several mini games and a kiosk booth to highlight the products features. This booth won several awards at E3 and Gamestop.

what we are currently doing

Currently we have been working with Funko. We have been taking their toy POP! figures and making them in the digital. We have also worked on several animations and various campaigns. We have built over 1000 models and have had over a million downloads of the products we have created for POP! through the Quidd mobile collections app. 

how can we help

We have the ability to not only make a project work but to make it work and make it relevant. There is currently a movement for usable AR in social media. Recently we have seen alot of work with taking products and putting them in 3D posts and also sharing these experiences with others. We are currently working in these mediums and would like to help get your products in there and out to your target markets.