The Xbox Elite controller is considered one of the greatest controllers for console and PC. Its successor the Elite Controller Series 2, was going to be announced at E3 2019. We were tasked to create the software demo for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. 


  • Create a software experience that highlights the new features of the controller

  • Ensure that the experience hits the target market to push pre-sales

  • Develop, create all assets, and debug a game that was “floor-ready” in 90 days


All game assets were created with inspirations of the hottest game at the time, Fortnite. All of the characters were created to be very similar to the Fortnite characters but with inspirations from the Xbox Avatars.


The environment was very similar to an area in Fortnite but with style inspirations from “The Old Town of Mardin”



The game was developed with the Unreal Engine by the great Bolder Interactive team. The game included the following features:

  • Introduction screen/ sequence

  • Mini game that lets the user use the new “updated paddles”

  • Mini game that lets the user use the “additional mode switch”

  • Mini game that lets the user use the new “micro hair trigger locks”


Attendees of the show got to the booth and played with the controller first hand. They were able to go through all of the scenarios in the game. After they got to experience the controller software, they were led to another part of the booth were they got to check out the hardware and all of its parts and ask questions from the staff. Once they were done with the experience they had an opportunity to pre-order and receive a special gift.