Branding Identities

Here are 3 Branding Identities that we have worked on under the creative direction of Mark Vongunten from Tengun Design. Within each of the identities, we were involved with the creative process from boards to the concepts. All final concepts went to the finishers.

Forza 3 (2009)

With the success of Forza 2, Microsoft was ready to take Forza 3 to the next level. Here are the concepts and ideas to take that brand and ID there. Learn more. 

State of decay (2013)

Microsoft Game Studios was creating its first zombie game. With its local developer Undead Labs, it needed a Brand ID that was reflective of genre but set itself apart into more of a grittier real life feel. Learn more.

spartan strike (2015)

Spartan Assault was a very fun arcade top down shooter that carried the Halo IP to Windows 8 and Windows Phone Platforms. With Spartan Strike, we needed to carry this identity to its next version with its new story line and new characters. Learn more.